Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz Summer Camp 2018: The work of the students of the “Hollywood meetz Zuoz” program

For the second year in a row the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz offered the Acting for Film and TV program for their summer camp choices.

Under the direction of actor Gian Franco Tordi, who was born and raised in Celerina/St.Moritz and now since 15 years acting on the stages and in film productions in Los Angeles, the Zuoz kids had the opportunity to learn all about acting for film and TV, public speaking, film-making and even stand-up comedy.

The goal was certainly to learn the basics of film and TV acting, to be able to deliver a speech on stage and to have fun in the summer camp, but also and mainly to help students gain self confidence and the ability to express themselves with no fear of judgment.

The successful result was: A lot of learning, a lot of work, a lot of fun, and a beautiful collaboration between all the kids and the teacher.